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Case in Point stands out as the main resource used by aspiring consultants - almost all candidates look through it at some point during their preparation.

Several committed applicants read, re-read it, and memorize the 12 frameworks of the Ivy Case System, thinking that these tools will be the key to open the doors to consulting.

Unfortunately only very rarely do these applicants ends up becoming consultants.

Why the case in point approach is misleading

What's wrong about the 12 magic frameworks of the Ivy Case System? It's all about the mindset they teach you. The frameworks are presented as the master key top all cases: just learn them well and every case you'll face will be solvable by one or a combination of the 12 frameworks. If only real consulting cases were that easy...

Put yourself in the position of an MBB firm. What would you look for in a candidate? Brains? Check. Drive? Check. Communication skills? Check. Ability to memorize 12 frameworks... Wait, what?

Consulting firms are not looking for the ability to memorize and follow a prepackaged approach. They want you to show to solve a complicated problem in a structured way, and that they are able to adjust and adapt their approach to each new challenge. To the limit of our knowledge, no MBB firm sends their clients a copy of the 12 frameworks in lieu of their teams. The invoice for that would certainly look weird.m


Existing frameworks are good study aids, they should just be used in the right way. Some concepts are basic strategy ideas that is good to keep in mind, such as the difference between value based pricing and cost based pricing. In other situations they can be useful as a check list to make sure you don't leave anything out of your radar, such as the Porter 5 forces when analysing a market (although better to never tell the interviewer you are using them). 

However, there's something existing frameworks are not:  turn-key solutions to approach a consulting interview. Consultants (and clients) expect solutions which are tailored, original and actionable - something that frameworks seldom deliver.

So what?

There's a better way to approach cases, and there's a better way to learn. 

Our case interview course has been developed by MBB consultants with clear goals in mind - To teach you how to think, act and communicate like a world-class strategy consultant. By going through it you'll become equipped not only to ace the interview process, but also to be a top performer at your firm. 

While other methods focus on helping you memorize dozens of frameworks and pre-packed structures, we take a different approach: We believe that distinctive candidates and distinctive consultants don't rely on crutches and that they use their own minds to solve the toughest problems. We're here to help them master the concepts and processes they need to be able to shine. We can support you in:

1) Understanding business fundamentals: Get your mini-MBA with our Marketing, Strategy and Economics, Accounting & Finance modules.

2) Learning how to crack a case:  Identify the problem, Build a problem driven structure, Lead the analysis and how to provide recommendations.

3) Shaping your approach with our building blocks: Master profitability analysis, competitive dynamics, pricing discussions, among others. 

Ready to put yourself to the test? Try our coaching sessions

Coaching can help the best candidates to pinpoint their development points and turn them into strengths. They will give you self-awareness about your profile and how to best position yourself for that MBB offer. Equally importantly, they will give you the confidence to know you can succeed in such a challenging process. 

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