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April 30, 2023

BCG and Bain Pymetrics: Full 2023 Guide with Practice Test

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Why you shouldn't use Case in Point for consulting interview prep

Case in Point is the single main resource which aspiring consultants turn to - almost all candidates flick through it at some point during their preparation.Many particularly diligent applicants will read and re-read this book, memorising the  Ivy Case System's 12 frameworks. The belief is that these will be the candidates' key to open the doors to consulting. Unfortunately, the fact is that, despite pouring in endless hours of hard work, many of these candidates will face swift rejection at int...

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Do I need an MBA to move into consulting?

Management consulting is probably the single most targeted job for MBAs and there is a common assumption that an MBA will be a pre-requisite for many consulting roles. However, the truth is that an MBA is neither necessary nor sufficient to transition to consulting . There are some real advantages to having an MBA. However, we will see that these are typically overstated and need to be balanced against some very formidable costs.

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A Consultant's Career Path

Achieving your goals and establishing your profession as a management consultant represent a rewarding achievement. However, there arrives a time that many consultants choose to move on to other opportunities. For whatever reasons, the choice to leave behind your established career, there are a number of potential opportunities for them. We have collected some information on exit opportunities for consultants to provide you an idea of the where what and how after consulting.

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What is Management Consulting ?

Management Consulting is concerned with helping businesses grow and improving their performance through solving problems that companies might have on their way to achieving their business aspirations.Consulting covers all areas of business, be that IT, Finance, HR, R&D and Marketing. Top consulting firms like McKinsey, KPMG and Ernst & Young have thousands of employees and departments that specialize in each of these areas. Whereas small consulting practices may offer services in...

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How to make the best of the 80-20 rule

In the consulting world, the Pareto principle is not a business rule but rather a mantra. You could hear things like “We have no time to boil the ocean. I think we should apply the 80-20 rule”.

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What to Wear to a Consulting Interview

You get through your case, coming up with a good answer within the allotted time and you deliver fluid, confident responses to all the fit questions you are asked.And then you don't get the job. Why? Because you dressed wrong!

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Communicate like a consultant: The Rule of Three

Ask any good consultant or public speaker about the rule of three and their eyes will light up - How can you master this powerful tool?

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The Differences Between PwC Consulting And Strategy&

This is a question that seems to come up quite often and is a crucial one for potential applicants. However, it is also a question which we have seen answered very incompletely or just plain inaccurately. Here, we have leveraged our industry contacts as well as trawling through the whole gamut of online resources to present the single best resource online to give you the low-down on how PwC and Strategy& really differ.Let's dive straight in!

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Best Internships To Impress MBB Recruiters

An internship can represent an extremely valuable way for a student to give not only improves their experience but also improves their resume. It is a valuable experience and can be the core foundation of your career path. There are a number of benefits for college students or recent graduates to participating in an internship in the consulting field. It not only provides you the chance to experience your career path from a true perspective but also arms you with knowledge and the power of confi...

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Spoilt For Choice: McKinsey, BCG or Bain?

Congratulations! Your hard work and perseverance has paid off and getting offers from more than one MBB, which is an impressive achievement. Right now you will be taking an extremely significant step and choosing the offer best suited for you. There are a number of factors to take into consideration, and we are hoping to provide you with some guidance to assist you in making your decision. You worked hard to get here. It took planning, practice and much effort. Taking the time to research, compa...

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Roland Berger Case Interview Format

The one thing that you need to remember is that interviews will differ from one consulting company to the next. In some instances there will be clear, vast differences, in others there are only small variations that can be noted. The fact is that each company has their own visions, values, and approach to the interviewing process. The most practical advice to anyone preparing for interviews with various companies is to structure your approach to solving the case, rather than focus in on one spec...

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Consulting Brain Teasers

Consulting brain teasers are well known. However, their actual use in interviews has been decreasing. Whilst previously brain teasers were used to assess how candidates performed challenging tasks under pressure, full case interviews are now generally preferred for this purpose.That said, you should still know what brain teasers are, as you could still be asked to solve them in interview. Indeed, whether they come up in interview or not, they can still be a useful component of your prep. In part...

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Top 10 Consulting Firms

We all know the big name consultancies, but which of those manage to make it into the top ten best management consulting firms, and why are they at the top?The global consulting market is currently approaching an estimated worth around $155 billion and the ten largest consulting firms retain a firm hold on the majority of market activity. So, whilst household names such as McKinsey and the BCG are what everyone dreams of having on their CV any of these ten would be amazing to work at.

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Is it difficult to join MBB as an experienced professional?

The question of how to join an MBB consultancy as an experienced professional from another industry is one that we are asked time and time again. Now, there are a lot of variables in play - which industry you are coming from and which particular role in which specific office you are moving to - which can make for unique experiences. However, I believe that my own experience as a professional hire going into BCG is fairly representative of what you can expect.

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What is the difference between McKinsey, BCG and Bain?

McKinsey & Company, The Boston Consulting Group, and Bain and Company - known collectively as MBB or the “big three” - are the most prestigious and influential strategy consultancies. Ask anyone trying to break into consulting and you likely won’t find a single individual whose top preference isn’t one of these three firms.There is no denying these companies are similar – the kind of clients they work with, the kind of work they do and the salaries and working lives of their employees...

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Porter's Five Forces

AtMyConsultingCoachwe often emphasise the importance of avoiding relying on frameworks. And we are writing an article on the father of them all: Porter’s Five Forces! The reason why we would like to go over this topic is that even though the methodology is quite outdated and never used in consulting, it is useful for a consultant to know it as it can sometimes serve as a tool for more complex analyses.What are the five forces?Porter’s five forces is a model of industrial competition and a way to...

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The consulting coffee chat galateo

You have a look at your calendar and you see a meeting at 2pm, a lecture at 3pm and a consulting coffee chat at 4pm which you totally forgot about. Now, the temptation might be just to rock up straight from your lecture unprepared - it's just coffee, right? Wrong! It is not easy to get hold of consultants from top tier firms, so you need to make sure to make the best of this opportunity. As with every important meeting in your life, you need to go in prepared to approach the exchange correctly....

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3 things I wish I knew before my final round at McKinsey

My name is Edlyn. As a recent graduate from University College London, I was determined to become a top strategy consultant. About a year ago, I had my final round at McKinsey. I failed…Now, after getting rejected at McKinsey, I reached out to My Consulting Coach and they helped me secure an offer from BCG - where I've been working for the past three months. So, all's well that ends well, right? Of course I can’t complain, but I am still disappointed with my performance on the day...

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Six tips to succeed in the written case

We recently got this e-mail: I have practised around 100 cases and feel reasonably confident about the verbal case interview. The written case, however, seems like a big and quite scary unknown. I didn’t have the chance to practice much on the written format, so I just hope that what I have been doing to prepare for the verbal cases will be useful. The verbal case study and the written case study are essentially the same concerning logic, structure and analytical thinking. Hence, preparing for...

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4 obstacles PhDs face in getting into management consulting

Consulting companies are more and more welcoming towards PhDs and other candidates with advanced degrees. Candidates with advanced degrees have been selected carefully by their institutions, shown a strong commitment to further their studies, and tend to display sophisticated minds.Usually the story goes like this: PhDs started their studies with everything else but consulting in mind, but at the end of their long and tiring research experience, they discover consulting and are attracted to it....

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