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Teach your students how to think like a consultant

At MyConsultingCoach, we believe that there is a better way to coach. Rather than teaching outdated frameworks, we focus on training candidates so they develop the skills they actually need to get into consulting. All our material has been developed by a team of MBB consultants and educational experts to provide insightful content via an enhanced learning experience.

We have introduced a pilot program to allow academic institutions to try our course risk free for a year. Yes, no costs, no contracts and no small print. Our premium material will significantly boost your students’ chances of getting the offers they are aiming for and optimize career service officers’ time and resources.

Case interview course

A comprehensive guide to consulting thinking

Do your students still turn to that outdated guide which teaches misleading frameworks? Case studies are complex and articulated problems that require an individually tailored approach, not plug-and-play solutions. We created the MCC academy, a comprehensive online course, to introduce our method. We equip candidates with the business and problem solving skills required to craft original and effective solutions to cases. The course is delivered in an interactive format, developed by educational experts, for an enhanced learning experience.

Here are 4 reasons why our course is truly unique:

Solve case studies like a consultant would
Our course teaches the distinct problem solving approach consultants are famous for, rather than a collection of tricks designed to pass a case interview Our method gives candidates the flexibility to tackle new and unseen problems in the same way a consultant would
A comprehensive, structured A to Z course
The course covers all topics related to the consulting interview, leaving nothing off the checklist. While many resources only provide examples of interviews, our lessons combine teaching thinking habits with practical examples and complete interviews, including feedback
Self assessment
The course features a number of exercises, covering the most relevant topics Exercises ensure that candidates combine a passive understanding of the material covered with active practice
Intuitive and interactive delivery
Interactive course page allowing students to easily visualise the entirety of the course Intuitive, clear, graphically illustrated videos easily accessible from any device Interactive exercises with live reporting

Let your students try our course for a year totally risk-free.

Meeting board

Where students find case partners to practice with

A case interview meeting board where users can find their ideal case interview partners. The highlights of this service are:

  • Intuitive scheduling tool for both direct invitations and open meetings.
  • Easily accessible list of all candidates detailing their background and case experience in an organic fashion.
  • Meeting room where candidates can practice with the 70+ interactive cases we provide.

Your students will never struggle to find case partners anymore!

One to one coaching

Help your students excel

No matter how much a student prepares, advice from a professional coach is invaluable.

Our coaches are former MBB consultants with at least 2 years of experience and a promotion, who provide a realistic interview experience. After each session, students receive a "Performance Radar". This is a detailed and scored written report of their performance across all case interview dimensions. This allows the student to identify their improvement areas and focus on those to ensure an efficient preparation.


Forget long calls and forms: signing up to our pilot program is easy and convenient.

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  1. Review our material: we will give you access to all of our lessons and exercises to review them.
  2. Recommendation: when you are satisfied with the material, just let us know that you would like to start the trial period.
  3. Get access: we will provide access to all students signing up with your institution’s email within 24 hours. Free of charge. Everyone signing up with a account will be able to access our course.
  4. Tell your students about the program: send out an email to students interested in consulting, possibly through consulting clubs, and include MCC on the career service website in the resource section.

No small print
Signing up for the trial does not involve any further commitments. After a year you will be able to decide whether to subscribe or not.

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