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January 25, 2021

The MyConsultingCoach Story

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So, who are these MCC guys, anyway? How did they get started?

Good question!


MCC was founded in 2013 in Cambridge, UK.

Initially, Giovanni, a Cambridge Engineering PhD, reached out to his network for help with his own consulting prep.

He spoke to McKinsey, Bain and BCG alumni at various business schools (particularly London Business School and Columbia). The more conversations he had, the more Giovanni was confused, as the resources he found online did not match up with what he was being told by real consultants - in fact, the online resources had not been helpful at all. He thought he must have just been missing the “good stuff”, but it was nowhere to be found.

After several conversations between Giovanni and his old friend Alberto - a McKinsey consultant and LBS alumnus - the pair soon realised just how much applicants were being let down by the old-fashioned case methods, dubious “tips and tricks” and shady online case coaches to be found at the time.

With Alberto’s consulting experience and Giovanni’s technical expertise, they knew they could do better. They wanted to provide access to high-quality resources and top quality coaching to everyone.

With that, MCC was formed, and the pair threw themselves into growing the company from scratch, adding more and more services and expanding the team to meet strong demand for high-quality, reliable resources for consulting applicants.

Strength to strength

As MCC has grown, we have maintained staffing as a mix of seasoned MBB consultants and individuals lured from the academic world – with a growing preponderance of Cambridge PhDs. The blend of skills has proved to be a perfect combination for turning out exceptional educational material, teaching real-life consulting methods – all embedded within a first-rate digital platform.

Our crowning achievement to date has been the creation of our Case Academy Course. Huge investment over more than a year saw MCC assemble a team of expert staff to deliver the single most comprehensive, in-depth and accessible consulting skills course anywhere.

A group of top management consultants drew up the course content and handed it to the scriptwriters, graphic designers and voice-over artists brought on board to deliver a truly professional final product.

Fiercely popular with our user base, the MCC Academy has also been employed by a growing number of high-ranking business schools across the EU, UK and US to drive up their placement rates with top consultancies.

The MCC Academy has been reviewed here.

Consulting open for all

Since its inception, MCC has been committed to opening up access to consulting to those from all backgrounds.

We know that not everyone has a McKinsey alum on the other end of a phone to help them out, nor the resources to pay for advice!

As a result, our site today is bursting with high-quality free resources to help you with all stages of your prep.

We make fully public comprehensive guides to consulting resumes and cover letters, articles on key consulting skills and how to crack cases using actual consulting techniques rather than artificial frameworks, advice on how to pitch your profile and tell your story in fit interviews and a free meeting board to connect and practice with fellow applicants from around the world.

To help you stitch this all together into a single, coherent prep, MyConsultingCoach has invested to create a free, AI-driven personal plan function. Whereas, before, you would have had to seek out an experienced consultant for the inside track on what you personally needed to get done and when, we make a sensible, structured and individually tailored plan available to all. You can then track your progress across all aspects of your prep on a personal dashboard, displaying and aggregating all your results across peer practice, tests etc, with the system helping you pick up and work on your weak points.

With time and hard work, MCC gives you everything you need for a solid prep for only the cost of your internet connection!

A comprehensive service

Previously, preparing for consulting interviews meant spending hours searching online for bits and pieces from maybe a dozen sites and books, never really knowing if you had everything you needed to get through selection.

To make this wild goose chase a thing of the past, MCC has committed to providing everything you need from A-Z, all in one place.

As part of this offering, MCC offers a host of premium services for those who want to take their prep to the next level with help from our pool of experienced MBB consultants.

Whilst top consultants’ time can’t be for free, we are focussed on delivering the most effective services for the very best value, maintaining low margins on all our offerings.

This allows us to provide access to vetted industry insiders to users who don’t have a diary full of MBB buddies with free time and who can’t afford more aggressively priced platforms elsewhere.

MCC users can secure help from McKinsey, Bain and BCG consultants in putting together their best possible resume and cover letters and in mock interview sessions covering both case studies and fit questions.

At the pinnacle of what we offer, we combine the full gamut of our services into our premium mentoring packages, where a 5+ year experienced, senior MBB consultant plans and oversees your whole prep from start to finish. This allows time-poor experienced professionals and busy students to find the most efficient path through their prep – without needing to waste hours on Google finding out how to get started!

The future...

That hard work has paid off and MCC has now established a reputation as the best place to go to for those who are serious about landing their dream management consulting job.

From here, the plan is to continue to grow – constantly updating and upgrading our services and continuing to provide the best quality, best value coaching and mentoring services around. We will always continue to offer a wealth of free resources to our many thousands of site users.

In the coming years, we will also expand our partnerships with universities and business schools.

The consulting recruitment process is a very effective one. The power of case interviews, in particular, means that they are increasingly being adopted outside the consulting industry, across finance, tech and disruptive start-ups elsewhere.

With Capital One, Square, Google and others implementing various shades of case interview and similar “brainteaser” style questions, the consulting problem-solving skillset is in wide demand.

Both our partner business schools and private users are increasingly deploying our resources to prepare for these new kinds of case interview. MCC’s emphasis on fundamental skills means that our methods are easy to apply in new domains.

On a similar note, we find increasing demand from executives and entrepreneurs who want to leverage consulting-style problem-solving methods within their existing occupations, to take their output to the next level. This is a market we will continue to serve.

So, whatever your background and your ambitions, MCC will continue helping you get where you want to be!