McKinsey PST: Overview

Four facts about the McKinsey Problem Solving Test (PST)

fact #1: 26 questions, paper and pen

The McKinsey PST is a paper test made up of 26 questions distributed over three business cases. The cases test how you would perform in the different phases of a consulting project: client interaction, problem definition, problem solving, analytical work and implementation.


Simply put: if you had 3 hours to complete the test you would easily score over 80%. Time is the real, big constraint of the PST. And since you will not be able to use any other device beside your brain, it is essential for you to develop the best skill set and test the most effective method. 


No matter how outstanding your Resume is, if you fail the McKinsey PST you will not be invited to the first round of interviewsUnofficial data consistently show that you will need to score at least 70% to pass. 

FACT #4: 1 out of 3 makes it

Although your performance does not depends on the performance of other candidates, unofficial surveys tell us that about 1 out of 3 candidates passes the test and progresses to the interview round.



understand the test

The 26 questions can be clustered into 6 types, each of them with a different weight in the test. Learn more about what approach you should take in solving each question.

adopt a consistent method

The McKinsey PST is a run against time. Going the long way is not an option, you need to find the smart way. Learn a method and several tips&tricks to prioritize and optimize your efforts, focusing them on where you can get the highest return.  


Take our free practice test to gauge your level. Discover our packages, providing you not only with additional practice but with a structured method to focus your efforts in the areas where you need more preparation and track your progress as you move along.