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Case Interview Coaching

Compare the aggregate 10 years-earnings of someone who enters a top consulting firm versus a second tier one or another corporate job. You will find that we are talking about a difference in millions for careers with similar working hours. Set against the cost of coaching, the investment is a no-brainer!

If you have put in the work to learn how to crack cases properly, it makes sense to practice properly as well. Practicing with a real consultant is the single biggest difference-maker in generating performances that win job offers. Results speak for themselves - and our Springboard Program has a success rate of over 80%.

Three ways our programs are different

1. Learn to think like a consultant vs. learn frameworks

Almost all preparation websites out there teach you to force-fit a case to one of their pre-packaged frameworks. At My Consulting Coach we don't teach you ready-made frameworks, we teach you to think like a consultant. This includes the ability to create your own framework tailored to each case. It will require commitment and hard work on your and our side, but your interviewers will be impressed. After all, when they solve a problem for a real client they don't rely on pre-packaged wisdom but tailormade unique solutions. We do as well.

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2. Tailored experience and guaranteed quality

We offer single sessions and a range of interview packages depending upon what you are looking for. Each individual session is then fully personalised depending on your background, skill-level and specific learning objectives.

If you happen to be at the beginning of your preparation, our coaches will focus on helping you develop a consistent and effective approach to solving cases. If you have already prepped and your interview is a few days away, the session will primarily be a simulation of the specific format of interview you will face (interviewer vs. candidate-led, etc).

With MyConsultingCoach, the following is guaranteed:

  • Interview sessions are one-to-one and exclusively with seasoned MBB consultants. All of our coaches are selected to have a minimum of 2+ years MBB experience and a promotion within their firm. They are also experienced coaches with at least 40+ candidates coached.
  • Sessions will be realistic, with our coaches aiming to be helpful rather than friendly. We believe that this robust approach is the most effective way both to generate improvement and to make sure you are not taken by surprise on interview day.
  • All of our coaches follow a standard set of advanced teaching practices to deliver consistent and effective coaching sessions. We do not simply operate the rudimentary directory of sometimes-shady freelancers that you will find elsewhere. Accessing coaching through MyConsultingCoach means receiving an MBA-standard preparation. In fact, thanks to the inbuilt synergy with our Case Academy, our comprehensive programs can be considered "mini-MBAs".
  • We work hard to meet demand and ensure constant availability. Regardless of your timezone, you will be able to book sessions at any time of day or night, including weekends.

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3. Assessment

Perhaps the most profound difference between coaching with MyConsultingCoach and elsewhere is the quality of assessment and feedback we offer. If you haven't started your prep yet, this might not seem very interesting, but when you start asking yourself questions like "am I good enough?" or "am I ready?", you will soon understand that assessment is crucial.

As such, after every case practice with us you'll receive the Performance Radar. This is a data-driven report with highly specific written feedback and quantified scores for all the key areas of case performance (Problem Solving, Structure, Communication, Numerical Agility). We leverage advanced data science to calculate all scores; these enable you to track your progress, pinpoint your improvement areas and understand if you are ready for the interview. You will always be in control.

Failure and correction are drivers of development. If you think about it, it is better to fail in our accurate simulation - and get detailed, actionable advice on how to do better - than to fail in your real interview, where you would be squandering a huge opportunity.

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In short then, our interview packages are better because:

  • We teach you to think like a real consultant
  • Our rigorous assessment, progress tracker and follow up let you know when you are ready
  • Our coaches teaching a consistent method which mirrors our Case Academy to create a powerful synergy when they are used in combination

Questions? Send us an email

Send us an email to clear any doubts you have about the programs and learn about the best way forward to land that job.


As with anything in life, you shouldn't just take our word for why you should work with us. Instead, we prefer to let our clients do the talking.

I was lucky enough to have access to MyConsultingCoach via their partnership with the business school where I completed by MBA and I couldn't be happier with the resources! The content was a perfect bridge between the academics of an MBA and the practical demands of a real-world workplace. Also, the way the personal dashboard tool showed how I was performing and matched that up with course material made it easy to stay on track!

David received offers from McKinsey and BCG

Applying to consulting whilst working demanding hours in a major law firm, I didn't have time to mess around and needed everything in one place. MyConsultingCoach was perfect and made my transition possible! I used a 'Springboard' package to get up to speed as quickly as possible.

Laura received offers from Bain and BCG

"I used MyConsultingCoach to prepare for management consulting interviews after five years in a Big 4 accounting firm. Previously, I had underestimated the change in mindset I would have to make, but MyConsultingCoach really did teach me how to approach problems like a consultant!

Mira received offers from McKinsey and Bain

The numbers don't lie

At the end of the day, your results are all that really matter - and our results at MyConsultingCoach speak for themselves.

Students enrolled
Average success rate
User satisfaction
MBA partner schools

With over 5000 candidates using our resources at any one time, our success rate translates to a lot of new management consultants worldwide who have used MyConsultingCoach to land their dream jobs!

Our interview packages

  • 1 one-hour session with ex-MBB (McKinsey/Bain/BCG) coach of your choice 
  • Session personalisation (skill level and preparation stage)
  • Choice of interview format (Fit, Case or Both)
  • AI-powered performance benchmarking, skill-gap assessment and actionable feedback through your Dashboard
  • 5 one-hour sessions with ex-MBB (McKinsey/Bain/BCG) coach of your choice
  • Session personalisation (skill level and preparation stage)
  • Choice of interview format (Fit, Case or Both)
  • AI-powered performance benchmarking, skill-gap assessment and actionable feedback through your Dashboard
  • Full Access to Case Academy (Course, Exercises, Self-Assessments, Fit and Math)
  • McKinsey Digital Assessment Guide
  • All our PST material
  • Premium support for questions
  • 4 one-hour sessions with ex-MBB (McKinsey/Bain/BCG) coach of your choice 
  • Session personalisation (skill level and preparation stage)
  • Choice of interview format (Fit, Case or Both)
  • AI-powered performance benchmarking, skill-gap assessment and actionable feedback through your Dashboard

You will receive an email with the instructions on how to book your sessions right after purchasing a package. The coach will then contact you using the details specified in the booking form.

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