Intro to consulting resume

Is my resume really important?

400 WORDS TO CONVINCE your interviewers

No matter how good your background is, a poorly written CV will not land you an interview. In such a competitive sector, every aspect of your CV needs to be impeccable.

40% of the outcome

"Poor fit" is becoming one of the most common causes of rejecting candidates. In some firms like McKinsey you'll spend about 40% of your interview talking about your past achievements, i.e. your resume.

A place for everything, every-thing in its place

Your CV will be screened in about 30 seconds. Putting the right information in the right place is crucial if you are to have any chance of success. There is no second chance.

Is the consulting resume really different?


There are specific skills and sets of behaviours required to be successful in the position you are applying for. Recruiters carefully select the candidates whose achievement signal specific desirable skills. 


Recruiters are not passionate about roles. Unless you were an astronaut or a secret agent, you have limited chances of impressing a recruiter with your past positions. Employers are looking for achievements. Each bullet point on your CV should show how you made a difference in your role, not the title you had on your business card.

the long way

Writing a résumé is a long and iterative process. Make sure you are not blinded by your own biases towards your résumé, because recruiters won't be. Get feedback from experienced consultants before submitting your resume. Not doing so is simply a risk not worth taking. Even minor nuances can make a difference.