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This is a question that seems to come up quite often, however it is also one that is not always answered completely or accurately. We have sourced key information from a variable number of valuable resources and combined this information into an easy to use summary for your information. Strategy& is the strategy consulting team part of the PwC Network. Their core objectives include assisting their clients in maximizing the efficiency of their supply chain, this includes logistics, assets, and resources. Their specialized field of extensive expertise is wide-ranging and also includes business, technology and organization strategy. PwC Consulting And Strategy& utilize a trusted, combined experience in a diverse number of key industries, prominently including: (Information extracted from Strategy & and PwC: What We Do)

  • Automotive
  • Financial
  • Comprehensive health
  • Telecommunications
  • Entertainment 
  • Innovative technology

Other Interesting Information 

They have a wide global presence with member firms in more than 150 locations across the globe, including:

  • Africa
  • America 
  • Europe
  • Asia/Asia Pacific
  • Middle East 
  • Eurasia

The Same Differences

The following information is intended to conveniently provide you a fundamental idea of where to start your independent research rather than serve as established fact. 

  • Strategy& is the consulting team within the PwC Network. 
  • Where you end up with the PwC Network is dependent on a number of factors which include your geographical location, your field of expertise, the position you are applying for. For key example:
  • If you are applying for a position for a Forensics Graduate Program, you would be working under PwC banner, if the position you were applying for is a Strategy Graduate, then you will be under Strategy& banner.
  • Through combined resources and experience, the PwC network offers a comprehensive combination of essential services from comprehensive analysis to implementation.
  • Official salaries will be traditionally based on the position you are applying for, your experience, as well as academic achievements.

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