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An internship can represent an extremely valuable way for a student to give not only improves their experience but also improves their resume. It is a valuable experience and can be the core foundation of your career path. There are a number of benefits for college students or recent graduates in participating in an internship in the consulting field. It not only provides you the chance to experience your career path from a true perspective but also arms you with knowledge and the power of confidence. 

Knowledge Is Power

As a student, you most definitely learn in the classroom, but an internship provides you the opportunity to put into practice what you have learned in class, providing you with an invaluable learning experience. There are a number of benefits, including:

  • Practical learning and getting the opportunity to apply your knowledge to your duties.
  • Experience in workplace diversity.
  • Learn and practice your business communication skills.
  • Learn to work as part of a team. 
  • Networking opportunities. 
  • An opportunity to exercise your independence.
  • Boost your confidence.
  • Get the knowledge in practice of what you will continue to learn in the classroom. 


An internship also provides you a great opportunity to gain references which will reflect in your resume for any future job opportunities. Not only does your direct supervisor offer you a reference but you can also get references and recruiting advice from the consultants you have worked closely with. These references and experiences will also be helpful during the first screening when applying for a position. It is the one stage where your resume will speak for you and an internship with stellar references is an excellent opportunity. Internships will also provide you with excellent resources for the PEI (personal experience interview) and the chance to share your results and impact stories. Your internship might be short but the knowledge and opportunities can be huge. 

Where To Intern

There are a number of companies that offer excellent internships. This list includes:

  • Investment Banks
  • The motor industry
  • Apple 
  • Facebook 
  • Uber
  • Dell Technologies
  • Amazon 

There are also a number of excellent intern programs available for consultants who want to gain the experience and knowledge. The following list includes a few of the names which have been extracted from the Vault 2018 Best Consulting Internships Rankings.

  • Bates White Summer Consultant Program
  • CapTech Elevate Internship
  • Bain & Company Associate Consultant Intern (ACI) and Summer Associate (SA) programs
  • Excella Extension Center Program
  • Protiviti U.S. Intern Program

Choosing The Right Internship 

An internship will perform an extremely critical role in establishing the foundation of your career. Take the time to choose your internship wisely. Remember that:

  • Do not let money be the driving force behind the internship you select.
  • If there is no internship, take the initiative to propose one. Express your interest in the company and volunteer the hours. It shows creativity, commitment and your appetite for accomplishment.
  • Networking remains an excellent way to offer you invaluable insight into the company.
  • Choose a workforce that will support and grow your core skills. 

Start With A Plan

Start your internship with a plan and direct your focus on building and enhancing your core workforce skills which are the essential requirements for growing your career. Identify the types of skills you will gain during the internship and include these in your decision making. These skills can include:

  • Leadership skills
  • Project management
  • Communication 
  • Establishing and building relationships
  •  Analysis and Research 

An internship can represent a core part of your career and in some instances is the foundation of your career as a consultant. It is not something to be taken lightly and the internship you choose to take up should be chosen for the most logical and valuable reasons. 

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