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December 10, 2019

Case Interview Examples 2019 – 2000+ Free Example Cases for McKinsey, Bain, BCG, Big Four and others

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Practice makes perfect, and a successful case interview prep will largely be a matter of practice! This article collects a whole host of free case practice material to help fuel your consulting interview preparation.

Of course, before you can get stuck into cases, your first point of action is to get to grips with what exactly case interviews are, what you are up against and how to prepare for them. Our main Guide to Case Interviews is a perfect start here. In particular, we strongly recommend you avoid the old-fashioned case interview frameworks (Case in Point and Case Interview Secrets are two well known examples), which are still hanging around and trading on name recognition, despite being thoroughly outmoded (we have an article here on why you should avoid Case in Point).

Prep the right way

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Once you are up to speed with what you need to know and have learnt how to crack cases in principle, there is no substitute for simply putting in the hours and getting through as many practice cases as you can. Eventually, case cracking should become second nature and you will be ready for whatever your interviewers throw at you!

We have a comprehensive and frequently updated Free Case Library on this site, which is the single best place to practice – whether solo or with a case partner from our meeting board. We also offer a high-quality coaching service, so that you can practice with experienced McKinsey, Bain or BCG consultants, each with two years or more in one of those firms and significant coaching expertise. Nobody else will be able to help you progress more rapidly!

Now, whilst we make it our job at MCC to provide everything you need for your case interview prep from A-Z, we have collated all the other free case interview resources you may wish to check out. These might be useful, for instance, if you are applying to a specific firm and want to have looked at every available case for them. In total, there are over 2000 free cases here, so plenty to keep you busy! We have organised these below by resource type.

Video Resources

Before we get to more standard written cases, one of the most useful kinds of resource out there are case interview videos . These are a great way to get a real feel for what interview day will be like. Bain, in particular, have a couple of excellent videos showing what case interviews look like and how they are assessed:

Individual Cases

Now, on to more typical sample cases. We’ll start with individual cases - often interactive - published by various firms, either on their websites or as PDF downloads. These are good for working through solo or for practice with a partner (remember, if you need a case partner, our free meeting board is the perfect place to find one).

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      The numerical bulk of free cases out there can be found in casebooks. Some of these are produced by consulting firms themselves to help candidates prep. These casebooks will often have advice on answering case questions along with worked examples - many being interactive. We present the best below.

      Similarly, many universities and business schools have very active consulting clubs which produce case interview resources. These cases won't be interactive, but there a lot of them and they are still great for practice! Below, you will find the best examples, from the consulting clubs at top institutions.

      Company Casebooks and Case Interview Guides:

      AT Kearney Consulting Casebook

      Accenture Casebook

      BCG Interactive Case Library

      Bain Interview Guide and Case Library

      Bain Written Case Guide

      Capital One Case Study Guide

      PWC Strategy& University Presentation (including case questions)

      University Casebooks:

      Prepping the right way

      Mastering case cracking is a lot like learning a language. The more you practice, the better - however, that practice will be no good if you don't have the basics in place first. Someone who doesn't speak a word of Russian could listen to Russian radio all day for a year and learn nothing. However, if they already had the basics of vocabulary and grammar in place, listening to Russian radio would be a great way to cement and build their understanding of that language.

      Precisely the same is true of case studies - you need to understand how to solve them properly before practice will be really useful.

      The best place to get all the business background (your consulting "vocabulary") and reasoning skills (your consulting "grammar") is with our MCC Academy case interview course. There we take you from finance and accounting basics, right through advanced reasoning skills, consulting math and our Problem Driven Structure case method. Far from the old-fashioned, unreliable frameworks many unsuccessful candidates prep with, our method has been devised as a streamlined, four-step version of the seven-step roadmap used by McKinsey consultants on real engagements.

      You can learn more about MCC Academy here and in the video below:

      Practice with the best

      Practising with a partner beats practising solo. However, with the best will in the world, there is only so much you and another candidate (perhaps one from our meeting board) with no actual consulting experience are going to be able to give one another in terms of feedback. 

      If you have invested the time to learn how to crack cases properly, it makes sense to practice properly too. The very best way to simulate the real interview and to receive the kind of detailed feedback to really get up to the required level is to practice with a real consultant. Nobody else will be able to give you better feedback or help you progress so rapidly. Indeed, statistically, we find that receiving professional case coaching is the single largest difference-maker in terms of candidates landing job offers.

      MyConsultingCoach offers the best quality coaching experience on the market. Instead of some shady directory of unvetted freelancers, we select all our coaches to have at least two years consulting experience with either McKinsey, Bain or BCG, as well as existing coaching expertise. Our coaching experience is then designed to perfectly sync with the MCC Academy and other resources, providing a seamless learning experience.

      Our feedback is provided via our advanced Performance Radar tool. This combines your coach's qualitative feedback with a statistical, quantitative assessment of your progress across key areas. This ensures you know exactly which skill areas to target, with MCC learning resources ready to help you do so.

      Learn More about our coaching here.

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