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Asking yourself how to prepare for case interviews?

Pre-packaged frameworks? Everyone learns them but only 2% of applicants are successful.

Our approach is different: our coaching programs teach you how to think like a consultant. Find out how we can help you land an offer.

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A new approach.

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Join the MCC Academy to learn the business skills interviewers are looking for. Our comprehensive course features lectures and exercises that show how to solve case studies MBB style.

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You backed me up in securing two job offers from McKinsey and BCG. You made sure I overcame all my weaknesses and successfully passed both the McKinsey PST and the BCG test. You definitely challenged me more than any other programme or website I had previously come across, but in the end, it was all worth it.
Thanks My Consulting Coach!

Alessandro Imperial College London, now at McKinsey

I thought that being able to come up with a good framework is the most important factor to succeed in a case interview. But now I realize that it's the ability to structure your thought when you communicate, brainstorm, do market sizing, or calculations. Instead of glossing over my weaknesses, my coaches constantly push me to fix what I'm still weak at. I definitely reccommend the programme.

Tri University of San Diego

I practiced a lot of business cases with my friends and I thought getting coaching would be too expensive. I got rejected by one of the top consultancy firms and decided to try MyConsultingCoach. I learnt more in an hour of coaching than in 20 hours of self study. I then upgraded to a more comprehensive package. Probably the best investment of my life so far.

Zhang Min University of London

The mentoring program allowed me to achieve my potential and deliver a solid performance. Not only I passed at all firms, but I got offered a position which was one level higher than the one I applied for at one firm and two levels at another! Many thanks to all my friends from MCC! Without your help, I could have not achieved this.

David Professional transitioning to consulting
An instrumental tool.

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