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Consulting Math Practice

The consultant's swiss army knife

Clients pay a team of top consultants more than a 10000 dollars a day to receive critical fact-based recommendations, where a sound quantitative analysis is essential. Being comfortable with numbers is an essential skill for consultants, a pre-requisite to work in top companies. Applying to a top consulting company without good analytical skills is like trying to get into the NHL without being able to ice-skate. So how is consulting math different from what you have been studying at school so far? 


Most problems in consulting are relative to a business context and they can usually be solved using simple linear operations. The main challenge comes from translating real world data into a mathematical problem.


Problems need to be solved not for the sake of finding a solution but to give actionable recommendations.


While accuracy and precision are fundamental attributes of academic math, real world business problems have to be solved quickly and efficiently making effective approximations.


Consultants do not need to solve complex differential equations, they only need to be able to:

  1. Perform simple calculations quickly:  essential to solve cases quickly and impress the clients with quick estimates and preliminary conclusions. The Plain Number package, with 7000+ calculations for you to make, will help you become a walking calculator.

  2. Analyse data:  extract data from graphs and charts, elaborate it and draw insightful conclusions. The Charts Problems package, with 50 questions on 5 different cases,  will make sure you are up to speed on it. 

  3. Solve business problems: translate a real world case to a math problem and solve it. With 100+ problems ranging from fractions to sufficiency questions, the Consulting Math Problems package prepares you for all the different challenges consultants meet on a daily basis.


A solid background in consulting maths is essential in all the interviews and it often makes a difference between a successful and unsuccessful candidate. When you are competing with the very best, you cannot afford to think for 3 seconds what 30% of 550 is. Our preparation programmes will make sure you will not have to. 



  • 5000+ Questions on addition, subtraction, multiplication and division
  • 1000+ Questions on Percentages and Ratios
  • 1000+ Questions on Big Numbers
  • 30 days money back guarantee*
  • Straight to your inbox
  • All Plain Numbers
  • All Business problems with detailed solutions
  • All Chart problems with detailed solutions
  • Straight to your inbox
  • 100+ Consulting Math Problems
  • Detailed solutions 
  • 30 days money back guarantee*
  • Straight to your inbox
  • 50 questions on 5 different cases
  • Detailed solutions
  • 30 days money back guarantee*
  • Straight to your inbox


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Sure. You can ALWAYS upgrade from a smaller to a more comprehensive package.

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