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February 01, 2021

Peace of Mind: The MCC Mentoring Money-Back Guarantee

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Considering a mentoring package like Springboard? Haven’t worked with us before and want to do your due diligence? Read on!


We try to make mentoring as accessible as possible, with packages like Springboard maintaining the slimmest margins on any of our products.

Connecting you to the highest-quality consultants with the lowest mark-ups ensures that mentoring from MCC represents extraordinary value for money – especially compared to the hugely inflated prices you might find elsewhere.

Of course, though, we realise that our mentoring packages will still represent a significant investment for most clients. We keep prices low but, unfortunately, they can’t quite be pocket change!

Thus, for those who have not used MyConsultingCoach before, it is quite natural that you should want to do your due diligence and prepare for all eventualities. Indeed, you might also want to read our About page, to find out more about MCC’s story as a company.


To offer reassurance for all our clients, we have a money-back guarantee on all our mentoring programmes, whether you are going for our standard Springboard or a custom package, we offer a comprehensive money-back satisfaction guarantee.

We are proud to say that the money-back guarantee on mentoring has remained almost entirely unused. However, in the unlikely event that you are unhappy with your mentoring package at any point and decide you would like to bail out, we refund some of the costs of all the components of the package which you have not used up to that point, no questions asked.

To be more specific as to how this refund would be calculated, the policy works as follows for the main components:

Coaching Sessions

We refund $60 for each unused session. Thus, if you only use two coaching sessions within a ten-session package before claiming a refund, we would reimburse $480 for the unused sessions.

Course Material

Since you have full access to all the course material as soon as you purchase a mentoring package, rather than expending it as you go along, we treat this effectively as if you had paid a subscription. Thus, we cost access to the course material at $135 per month for two months (to an eventual total cost is $270 for the course). Thus, if you decided you weren’t happy within the first month of access, you get $135 of that $270 back.

Mentoring and Admin

We assign $450 to cover the costs of your mentor’s time and the admin associated with running the mentoring experience. Thus, there is a $450 cost accrued at the initial purchase, which is non-refundable.

Note that, if you received a discount when you first purchased your package, we refund at the discounted rate you made purchase at, modifying the values here appropriately. So, if you purchased at a 10% discount and wanted to have a coaching session refunded, it would be refunded at $67. The amount assigned to mentoring and admin here remains constant in all cases, though, as our overheads here are fixed.

Fairness for All Parties

You might be wondering why we implement this particular form of money-back guarantee – why not something a bit more streamlined?

The answer is that this structure guarantees a maximal, no-questions-asked refund whilst preventing cynical actors from exploiting that.

Specifically, this policy protects MCC from anyone who decided to make use of the whole programme and then untruthfully declare themselves dissatisfied at the very last minute to fraudulently recoup all their costs - having already derived all the benefit. As a relatively small company, this kind of foul play would be difficult for us to simply absorb.

Similarly, one reason to consider direct satisfaction rather than outcomes is that it means we will never have to “investigate” users to check that they are being truthful about their employment status.

Finally, we do not apply a 30-day limit to our mentoring money-back guarantee as with some of our other products, simply because mentoring will tend to run for longer periods of time (sometimes over a year) and we want you to feel secure throughout this whole time period.

What About Your Other Packages?

Of course, if you are considering a mentoring package like Springboard, you might be weighing it up against some of our other, non-mentoring offerings, such as Bridge to Consulting.

Our money-back guarantees for non-mentoring packages follows the same guidelines.