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Case Academy Packages

At the very core of what we do at MyConsultingCoach is our Case Academy, a comprehensive case interview course that features everything you need to know about case interviews. All Course packages give you access to at least a subset of that Case Academy.

Quite simply, our Case Academy has been developed to be the very best available anywhere. In fact, we are so confident of this that we offer a 30 day, 50% money back guarantee - just email us with feedback.


So, what makes our Case Academy the best?

A new approach

Instead of learning frameworks and passively applying them to case studies, we teach skills that allow candidates to actively come up with original solutions. This is what consultants do every day and precisely what interviewers are looking for in candidates. This approach is unique and proprietary to MCC.


Case Academy itself covers all topics related to the consulting interview, leaving nothing out. While many resources only provide example interviews, our lessons combine teaching fundamental reasoning skills with practical examples and complete interviews with feedback. Case Academy teaches you how to solve cases like a consultant, how to deal with the most common business scenarios and hones your consulting skills with plenty of practice, drills and exercises.

Those coming directly from education will particularly benefit from the emphasis on being able to apply real business skills. For those already in the professional world, our Case Academy saves a lot of valuable time by being the only resource to have everything you need in one place, integrated into a single, coherent experience.

Premium Quality

The Case Academy is not a scruffy YouTube playlist of someone rambling in front of a whiteboard. Instead, our teaching is delivered via a high-quality set of thoughtfully-scripted and fully-animated video lessons - making learning genuinely engaging. The overall result is an MBA-standard course - in fact, a large number of business schools now use it! We have several lessons available publically here, so you can judge for yourself!

Self Assessment

Our Case Academy features a number of exercises, covering all the core topics. These ensure that you combine passive understanding of the material with active practice and are able to make sure that you fully grasp what you are learning.


Case Academy is designed so that you can work through it at your own pace - allowing you to seamlessly fit working for you future around an existing job or studies.

Intuitive and Interactive Delivery

The Case Academy page allows students to easily navigate the course. Videos are intuitive, clear, graphically curated and accessible from any device. All exercises are interactive with live reporting.

Case Academy Packages

30 days 50% money back guaranteed

  • 16+ hours of lectures covering all aspects of the case interview
  • Introduction to the consulting interview
  • Case Interview foundations section 
  • Problem Driven Approach
  • Building blocks 
  • Efficiency tools
  • Problem driven structure in action
  • Roadmap for preparation planning
  • Available on all devices
  • Lifetime access
  • 15 root cause questions with detailed solutions 
  • 15 root cause questions with detailed solutions
  • 15 Structure exercises on how to build a problem driven, MECE structure with in-depth solutions 
  • 60+ chart based questions with detailed solutions
  • 100+ business problems with detailed solutions
  • Mental math tool to improve mental calculations speed
  • 5 full case exercises included with varying  difficulty level 
  • 20+ case interview self-assessment modules 
  • Available on all devices
  • Lifetime access
  • All Case Interview Course Videos
  • All Case Interview Course Exercises
  • All Fit Interview Course Videos
  • All case interview self-assessment modules
  • Available on all devices
  • Premium support for questions
  • Lifetime access

  • 4 videos covering all aspects of the fit interview
  • Practical, actionable advice on how to tell your story
  • Motivational questions in-depth coverage
  • 10+ examples of personal stories with dos and donts
  • 50+ fit interview questions PDF format with instant access

Consulting math package

  • Video Lecture on Foundations of consulting math
  • Video Lecture on Applied consulting math
  • Video Lecture on Advanced topics in consulting math
  • Video lecture on Advanced methods in mental math
  • Actionable advice on how to improve your calculation speed and accuracy 
  • 60+ chart based questions with detailed solutions
  • 100+ business problems with detailed solutions
  • Mental math tool to improve mental calculations speed

The consulting math package includes all the quantitative sections (lectures and exercises) of our Case Academy. You will be able to access it through the Case Academy after signing up.

Comprehensive packages

  • All Case Interview Course Videos
  • All Case Interview Course Exercises
  • All Fit Interview Course Videos
  • All case interview self-assessment modules
  • Available on all devices
  • Premium support for questions
  • Lifetime access

  • 3 30-minute sessions  with your personal ex-MBB (McKinsey/Bain/BCG) Mentor for preparation structuring
  • Unlimited email support access with your ex-MBB mentor 
  • All our Resume and Cover Letter services
  • Skill assessment and gap analysis
  • Detailed roadmap creation and monitoring
  • Case Academy (Case Interview Course, Fit Interview Course, Consulting Math Course)
  • 10 1+hour-sessions with ex-MBB (McKinsey/Bain/BCG) coaches with extra feedback time for case/fit interview practice
  • Interview Performance Radar: written feedback, score, and progress assessment by key competencies
  • All screening tests material
  • 5 one-hour sessions with ex-MBB (McKinsey/Bain/BCG) coach of your choice
  • Session personalisation (skill level and preparation stage)
  • Choice of interview format (Fit, Case or Both)
  • AI-powered performance benchmarking, skill-gap assessment and actionable feedback through your Dashboard
  • Full Access to Case Academy (Course, Exercises, Self-Assessments, Fit and Math)
  • McKinsey Digital Assessment Guide
  • All our PST material
  • Premium support for questions

Frequently asked questions

I’m not sure how many interviews I’ll land. Can I start with a single case first and then upgrade?

Sure, you can upgrade to any more comprehensive package any time.

Upgrading is easy:

  1. Purchase the new package
  2. Email us at within 30 days – we’ll refund your original purchase within 24 hours.
My interview is happening in two days. do I have enough time?

We’re flexible, and can typically accommodate tight timeframes, even over the weekend, early in the morning or late at night if needed. We will find a way!

How do I schedule my interview?
As soon as you purchase our package you'll receive an email with the updated availability of our interviewers. In case you have special needs do not hesitate to email us!
How does the Money Back Guarantee policy work?
The customer is entitled to claim a full or partial refund within 30 days of purchase were they to find that the quality of the material provided was not satisfactory. In order for MyConsultingCoach to approve the refund, the customer will have to fill a form, this form for PST refunds and this form for Consulting Math refunds , listing AT LEAST 2 reasons why they were not satisfied with the material purchased, provide the required supporting evidence and notify MyConsultingCoach at MyConsultingCoach reserves the right not to proceed with the refund if the supporting evidence provided were not adequate.
What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments by credit card, securely processed though Stripe, and Paypal.

Who is going to be my interviewer?

Your interviewer is going to be an expert consultant, usually from your top target firm. Before getting mentored you will receive the complete profile of your interviewer. All our interviewers are:

  • Experienced coaches: they all have extensive training experience (at least 100 case interviews)
  • Experienced consultants: they all gained at least 2 years of work experience in MBB (McKinsey, Bain, BCG)
  • Top performers in their firms: they all achieved a promotion to the next level in the organization (e.g. BA to Associate) - We don't have failed 6-months interns
Where are your coaches from? Should I consider getting a coach from my country?

Most of our Coaches are currently based in London and New York, but they come from various countries and worked in offices all over the world.

Cultural differences tend to be more firm-based than geography-based. All consulting firms are truly global: on day 2 you may be sent to a project on the other side of the world. This is why they work hard to standardize their recruiting methods on a global scale. Therefore our advice will equally valuable whether you’re in Asia, Europe, Africa, Australia or the U.S.

I've always outsmarted everyone: first class degree, outstanding work experiences...why would I need coaching now?

For at least three reasons:

  • A different game: It's true that you've always outsmarted everyone before. But this is true for almost all applicants to top consulting firms you are in competition with. However this time the stakes are much higher and there is no second chance.
  • A tier game: Getting into top consultancies is not only about being case study Ninjas. It is a blend of hard and soft skills that you can master. We help you on both. Usually if you are good enough to get near the top, you have the potential to make it to the top. And where you start your career will also influence what you will do 10, 20 and 30 years from now.
  • Opportunity cost: Is there any other investment with higher returns? Even if we improved your chances by just 1% the answer is clear: it would still be the best investment of your life.
Can I upgrade my PST package?

Sure. You can always upgrade from a smaller to a more comprehensive package.

To upgrade, just purchase the new package and email us at within 30 days – we’ll refund your original purchase within 24 hours.

I have the PST in 5 days. what is the best method to prepare?

When you do not have much time left we suggest you to:

  • Understand how the test is structured: many people fail the PST simply because they don't know it well. You can find all the details about the PST on our PST Guide. You may want to double check the total time, since most offices will give you 60 minutes but some others 70.
  • Develop a solid answering technique: It is essential for you to acquire an answering technique allowing you to make the best use of the very limited time in the test. Our video and the PST Guide will help you a great deal.
  • Practice smart: We advise you to try the official tests on the McKinsey website (Test A, Test B, and Test C). If you want to boost your chances our best pick is the Test Ready Package above. You will have the chance to practice on three 26-questions full-length sample PSTs. Then, our Performance Radar will help you identify your weaknesses by translating results in your performance across the 6 PST question types. The PST Guide will teach you useful methods on how to tackle each question type and the 60 additional questions will help you master a sound technique for each of them. In other words nothing will be left off the checklist!

P.S. Do check whether the first round of interviews is immediately after the PST or on a different day. In the former case, we strongly advice you to prepare for case interviews. The Beyond Test Ready package also includes 1 hour of case interviews with our Mentors.

Why is the passing rate of the PST so low?

Passing the PST is hard mainly because of the time constraint. If you had 2 hours, you could easily score more than 90% - but you only have 1 hour. It is therefore essential for you to be able to manage time. Please use the video that's on the page.