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If you are preparing for a case interview with Digital McKinsey, you are most likely wondering if there are differences in terms of preparation. Are the interviews different to the generalist McKinsey interviews? Are there specific cases you should focus on? What type of PEI questions can you expect? We have gathered information from a number of resources and put together some information to support you in preparing for Digital McKinsey. 

What Is Digital McKinsey?

Digital McKinsey is a combination of teams within the McKinsey firm that deal with technology-related cases.  These teams include the Business Technology, McKinsey Digital Labs teams. Their focus of the business is assisting clients with transforming their business through digital technology which includes IT innovation, strategy, cybersecurity, etc. 

How Should You Prepare For The Case Interview?

While there are a few minor differences in the case interview for Digital McKinsey to that of general McKinsey interviews, preparation and process, for the most part, is the same which includes taking the same PST as applicants for McKinsey. But let me cover what I know about the process for each role here. While hugely similar there will be a few simple differences which depending on the role you have applies for, these include:

  • You can most likely expect to solve IT related case.
  • You will need to enhance your knowledge on IT related topics. It is highly recommended to research and develop your knowledge of agile and digital information. 
  • You will most likely be interviewed by people from Digital McKinsey, however, this is not guaranteed. 
  • Practice your communication skills. It is important that you can carry on a conversation on topics which include digital transformations, analytics, IT strategy, IT security, etc. 

Take time out to practice case interviews. Reach out to peers, online forums or even a consulting coach. Take time to understand the different frameworks. You can also reach out and speak to the HR contact and ask for information or details on what to expect in your interview. Practice the cases with the same time restraints and circumstance you can expect during the case interview. 

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