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McKinsey have developed an efficient, quality driven application and interview process which is particularly objective and consistent. This means that the thousands of resumes that are reviewed and processed every year are thoroughly and professionally handled. Applying and going through the process can be exciting and overwhelming at the same time. Not knowing what to expect, how long to wait or when to start preparing can be unnerving. We have included some information and a general timeline to give you an indication of the process and timing of the process from application to offer. 

In General 

It is important to remember that the information we have provided is based on general timing. It is to be expected that there could be some variation in the process and timeline from office to office. Every application and resume is read, reviewed and scored by a McKinsey consultant. Many hours are spent reviewing these resumes in detail. Consultants are educated to review the resumes using objective benchmarks, identical scales and scoring rubrics. 

The typical application process is:

  • Applicants drop off resumes. There are full-time positions and summer internships so deadlines are based on the channel the applicant is using. For example, applications for internships, schools have a deadline for dropping off applications. 
  • Resumes are then assigned to reviewers. These are assigned in batches, and consultants are teamed to review the batch they are assigned. Each application is scored independently by each consultant first, after which the consultants will then compare the results and calibrate the scores. 
  • Scores are then submitted to the recruiting team who will then rank the applications and determine which candidates will be invited to interview. 

Remember: This is not an exact description but only a general summary. 

The Timeline

  • Submit the application by the cut-off date
  • 1-6 weeks following your application, if you have been successful you will receive a notification of interview which will include the interview schedule
  • 2-4 weeks following the notification: First round interview
  • 2 hours -48 hours following the first round interview, you will be notified of the second round interview
  • 1-4 weeks following the notice: the second interview will take place
  • 4 hours to 4 weeks following the second interview there will be a call from a partner extending an offer

It is significant to remember that there are a number of factors that influence the timeline and as mentioned previously, the timeless will differ between offices, positions, application cycles and more. 

Just For Your Info

Here are a few random bits of information on the application and interview process:

  • Based on recent statistics, One in ten applicants submitting applications are hired by McKinsey
  • Four filters are used to select candidates. These are:
    • Screening process
    • PST (Problem Solving Test)
    • First Round interview
    • Second Round Interview

Preparing For The Application 

  • The application process starts by submitting your resume. It is important to remember your resume represents you during the screening process. Therefore, it is critical that:
  • Your cover letter should clearly state your passion and interest in the job. Take the time to check out a few cover letter templates, compose and rewrite your cover letter a few times and make sure the details are clear and concise. 
  • Your resume represents the core of your application. Take the time to prepare your CV in a detailed, easy-to-read and concise manner. Keep in mind it should be short but detailed. Your resume must reflect your knowledge, experience, and potential. 
  • Follow the application instructions and ensure it is done and complete in time, prior to the cut-off date. Do not leave your application to the last minute. 

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