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Alessandro is a McKinsey-sponsored MBA student at Columbia Business School. A Mathematics graduate of Imperial College London, Alessandro then proceeded to pursue the CEMS MSc Management at Bocconi University in Milan and HEC Paris. He subsequently joined McKinsey, where he worked for two years. His experience as a consulting coach started during his MSc, when he started a prep group for case interviews and everyone in the team got an offer. Since then, Alessandro provided extensive preparation programmes to 30+ candidates and mentored many more throughout North America and Europe.



Maciej worked for The Boston Consulting Group in Warsaw, Poland. He joined BCG in 2011 as a Visiting Associate, progressing via Associate and Senior Associate to Consultant. At BCG Maciej mainly worked with Financial Institutions on strategy, due diligence, Post-Merger Integration, cost cutting, sales force efficiency and target operating model projects.Within BCG, outside of project work, Maciej was an interviewer, carrying out 2-3 candidate interviews per week. He was responsible for international recruiting initiatives, focusing on candidates from UK and US universities. He organized multiple recruiting events across UK universities.



Sorin was consultant for 2.5 years in McKinsey Bucharest office. He is currently doing MBA at London Business School. In his free time, Sorin has conducted more than 100 fit and case prep interviews with MBA students as well as working professionals looking to switch career into consulting. He enjoys coaching and strongly believes that a successful consultant should be a good listener first.



Ravi has substantial management consulting experience with McKinsey & Deloitte in US & India offices. He was playing role of Engagement Manager at McKinsey, managing team of associates and analysts. Being the lead campus recruiter at McKinsey and having interview experiences across McKinsey, Deloitte & Oliver Wyman, Ravi has a sense of individual firm culture and expectations. He is very passionate about helping candidates crack management consulting interviews.



Meghan has 5 years of management consulting experience with BCG and two boutique consulting firms in the US, Europe, India, Middle East, South America, and SE Asia, and thus has a great sense of different cultures across firms and office locations. She played the role of Project Leader, managing a team of pre and post-MBA consultants, and was extensively involved with office-specific and national recruiting. A graduate of Harvard Business School, Meghan is currently working for a US insurance carrier with P&L responsibility, and is a professional violinist on the side.



Troy worked for three years in the Swiss Bain office and achieved early promotion to Consultant. A graduate of ETH Zurich, Troy is now completing his MBA at Columbia Business School, where he's coaching on a continued basis more 30+ classmates applying to Associate-level positions. Troy focuses on helping candidates develop a structured, rigorous approach and communicate it in a compelling way.



Michelle has over 6 years of management strategy experience, having spent three years with BCG in Asia and Europe, before leading strategy operations in a top pharmaceutical company. She is passionate about helping candidates achieve their full potential. Beyond case interview techniques, she puts great emphasis on identifying candidates’ unique strengths, enhancing personality traits that fit with the firms. Michelle has worked as an interviewer for both campus recruiting and experienced hiring. During her MBA at Stanford, she helped various candidates to secure offers in McKinsey, Bain and BCG. She has a B.A. degree from Peking University in Asian Studies and Economics.



Elena worked for almost 3 years in management consulting, first in Strategy& and then in McKinsey in Milan. She is currently taking an MBA at Columbia Business School. Before working in consulting, Elena studied Civil Engineering at Politecnico di Milano. During her working experience, she provided guidance to 10+ graduate students, especially women that wanted to pursue a career in management consulting, helping them with cases preparation.



Sulabh has 2.5 years of experience working with BCG in India, Singapore and USA offices. He is a graduate from the Indian Institute of Management, Ahmedabad and holds a Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay. At BCG, Sulabh has been an active part of campus recruitment and has mentored 35+ students for their interview preparation. Post BCG, Sulabh has been part of early stage technology start-ups in India and has continued to help candidates ace through consulting interviews.



Paolo is a Senior Associate at BCG in Milan. A Nuclear Engineer from Politecnico di Milano, Paolo worked for 4 years in the Power and Oil & Gas Sector (FMC Technologies) before attending a full-time MBA first at Chicago Booth and then at SDA Bocconi / Duke - Fuqua. He landed 7 offers from Consulting firms during his full-time MBA (BCG, Bain, AlixPartners, ATKearney, LEK, Strategy&) and he provided extensive preparation to 40+ candidates, while being interviewer at The Duke Fuqua Consulting Club.



Francesco is a McKinsey-sponsored MBA student at Columbia Business School. Before joining McKinsey, where he worked for 2.5 years, he got a Bachelor Degree in Energy Engineering and a Master Degree in Nuclear Engineering, both from Politecnico di Milano. Right out of university, he landed 5 offers from major consulting firms (McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Booz and Deloitte) and he has assisted 15+ candidates in consulting interview preparation since. In addition, he has participated in mentoring activities both with younger McKinsey colleagues and with Politecnico students.



Zaccaria is a McKinsey-sponsored MBA student at the London Business School. He studied Mechanical and Aeronautical Engineering in Genoa, Stockholm and Barcelona. Subsequently, he joined McKinsey, where he worked 2.5 years. He started coaching students while working at McKinsey, and also worked for Mentors4U, providing guidance and practice to graduates willing to become consultants. At the London Business School, he has been selected as Consulting Peer Leader, and has conducted 100+ cases with students as well as working professionals looking to switch career into consulting.



Cherian is passionate about helping aspiring candidates understand how to think like a management consultant. As a senior associate at McKinsey & Company, Cherian led efforts in campus recruiting, case prep coaching, management consulting seminars and phone screens for business-analyst and associate positions. He has conducted over 200 mock interviews and extensive feedback session with aspiring undergraduate and MBA candidates from top 10 business schools in US and Europe. Cherian has also worked at Amazon, Acumen Fund and Capgemini Consulting in United States and Europe. He has an MBA from INSEAD and did part of his MBA program at Wharton. He is a Georgia Tech engineering graduate.



Giulia is a McKinsey-sponsored MBA student at Columbia Business School. Before joining McKinsey, where she worked for two years, Giulia got her bachelor and master degrees in Management at Pisa University. In McKinsey, she was involved in recruiting, with a specific focus on women and recent graduates. Thanks to this experience, she got the opportunity to closely follow and mentor several candidates through the entire selection process.



Xabi is an operations and strategy consultant with 2 years of experience at McKinsey & Company.

He is an industrial engineer and MBA at IESE Business School. Having successfully gone through McKinsey's recruitment process and coached more than 20 classmates and colleagues that are applying to consulting firms, I can help you overcome the challenging MBB case interviews.



Daniele is a Bain-sponsored MBA student at the London Business School. He holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Physics Engineering and a Double Master’s Degree in Mathematical Engineering. He has worked as a Consultant in Bain for 3.5 years across Europe and South-East Asia advising major clients on Strategy and Performance Improvements cases. Before MBA, Daniele has mentored many junior colleagues as well as potential candidates. At the London Business School he has been selected to collaborate with the career service as a Consulting Peer Leader, and has conducted 50+ mock-interviews.



Vasilis is a McKinsey-sponsored MBA candidate at the London Business School. Prior to McKinsey he completed his Bachelor in Physics at the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and his Master of Finance at ALBA Graduate Business School. He joined first Accenture Management Consulting and subsequently McKinsey in Athens. At McKinsey, Vasilis helped leading companies in South Europe and the Middle East in Strategy, Sales and Marketing, Operations and Risk. He was part of the recruitment team in Athens, organizing multiple recruitment events for students. During his MBA Vasilis coached more than 20 classmates, who received offers from McKinsey, BCG and Bain.



Michal is a Senior Associate Consultant at Bain London office. He first graduated from London School of Economics (BSc Management) and then completed a Masters course in Financial Economics at the University of Oxford. Michal has been at Bain for nearly three years, and in this period he worked in a variety of industries, ranging from online retail to pharmaceuticals to jet engines. He has also been involved in the company's case interview process, having designed some of the questions being used in the official interviews. Michal informally mentored numerous candidates since he himself secured offers at all Big 3 (MBB) companies.


Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to schedule all the interviews at once?

No, Our interviews never expire so you can schedule them whenever you prefer and over the timeframe tha suits you best.

How do I reschedule my interview?

Once you schedule your interview, you'll receive a confirmation email with a reschedule link. You can reschedule your interview up to 5 hours before its scheduled start.

I have a package of 4/10 interviews. Can I schedule them with multiple interviewers?

Absolutely. We strongly invite you to interview with different Coaches as it will be helpful to test different approaches.

Can I get a refund for unused interview services?

Interview services are non-refundable, but they also never expire. In addition, you can transfer or sell unused hours to another aspiring applicant.


We do understand that setbacks happen to everyone so we have this policy in place to ensure no one is treated unfairly. However, we do encourage interviewers and interviewees to come to a mutual agreement and resort to this policy just in case of disagreement.

A booking can be rescheduled up to 5 hours prior to the interview. Please, consider the time zone of your interviewer and make sure the cancellation happens at sociable hours. If the booking is rescheduled less than 5 hours before the interview, it is up to the interviewer to accept the new time or to charge for the interview. Clearly, if the interviewee fails to show up for the case, it is at the interviewer discretion to charge or rearrange a new time.