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October 14, 2022

How to Kickstart Your Career as an HR Consultant

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Assert yourself

Being an HR consultant comes with challenges. These may include difficulty engaging with your clients as a beginner and having slow phases at work as a result. However, you must continue to assert yourself in these moments. Keep pushing your propositions forward, listen to your clients and colleagues, and remain mentally strong. It’s quite normal to be discouraged when you experience hardships at the beginning of a new career, but after you push through these, things will start looking up. HR is a competitive and fast-paced industry, so it may take a while for you to adjust to this new environment.

Continue upskilling

Currently, UK businesses are at risk due to the digital skills gap. Between now and 2026, £240 billion may be lost by the economy if the issue is not addressed. Constantly upskilling yourself will help you keep up with the HR industry. Teach yourself how to navigate HR management software, learn about change management concepts, and be knowledgeable about diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives. Upskilling yourself allows firms and companies to trust your capabilities as an HR consultant, leading to faster hiring and more clients. Start increasing your knowledge and skills by taking HR courses, online classes, and work shadowing more experienced professionals.

Start networking

HR work involves interacting with many people. The core of your work involves meeting different clients who need your skills. Thus, it is crucial that you build a network. One way to do this is to re-ignite past work relationships. Ask them how they are, update them on your career since the last time you met, and congratulate them on their achievements. A good work relationship will make it easier to ask them about any people or companies they could introduce you to as an HR consultant. Another way to build a network is to attend HR conferences and events where you can meet fellow HR professionals. Introduce yourself, ask them questions, and offer to stay connected even after the event through communication channels.

Get a career coach

With the tips we’ve provided thus far, you can already kickstart your HR consultant career. Should you prefer further guidance and a hands-on approach, we find that seeking a career coach is the way to go. They will guide you through switching to or starting an HR consultancy job, answer your questions, and help you prepare for interviews. Career coaches can also offer resources to help you in this career path, such as their recommended upskilling classes. Having a coach may also increase your confidence, as they provide support and root for your career success. Speak to one of our consulting career coaches today if this sounds interesting to you.

Starting a career as an HR consultant can be challenging but not impossible. Remember to assert yourself, upskill continuously, network, and seek advice from a career coach so you can make a strong entrance into the industry.