Academic package trial

At MyConsultingCoach, we believe that all students should have access to the best tools for case interview training: no more outdated guides, frameworks or endless internet searches. The MCC Academy is a truly comprehensive course, covering everything a student needs to know about consulting interviews in a structured and engaging way, combining active and passive learning.

We look forward to partnering with academic institutions to help busy students who want to prepare for their case interviews efficiently and effectively. To this end, we have introduced a pilot program to allow student communities to try our course risk-free for a year. How does it work? The process is very simple:

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    Student trial
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  1. Student trial: we will give you full, complimentary access to our course for one week to try it out. You can request it here
  2. Career service or consulting club referral: after the trial week ends, you can send an email to your career service, cc’ing, or consulting club officials telling them about our course. Some of the course highlights you may want to mention are:
    • Thinking rather than memorizing: the course teaches how to actually think like a consultant rather than regurgitate a few stale frameworks
    • Comprehensive: the course features all the resources a student needs
    • Self assessment: the course features a number of exercises, covering the most relevant topics
    • Intuitive and interactive delivery: the videos have been developed in collaboration with educational experts for an intuitive and engaging delivery
    • The first year is complimentary - no contracts, no small print

    You can refer them to the career service page, which can be found here.

  3. Career service or consulting club recommendation: the career service or the consulting club will then have to approve the partnership
  4. Access to the whole student community: we will provide access within 24 hours of approval