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Harbour is British, family owned brand which has been manufacturing sailing jackets for over a century. They sell the vast majority of their products within the British Isles, where they generate sales of £75m.

Traditionally, Harbour had sold primarily to those involved in sailing and others in coastal communities, with the brand having very particular, traditional associations.

However, in recent years, the younger sailing brand Clipper has been enjoying huge success in this market

Clipper offers highly technical sailing wear with constantly developing designs and is rapidly becoming the brand of choice for serious sailors.

Whereas Clipper has previously operated at a high price point, they have recently released a more-affordable line, which has been doing very well.

In recent years, Harbour has become popular as a fashion item with new groups of consumers without any maritime connection.

All these developments have prompted Harbour's owners to reconsider the direction of their company.

With very limited resources 

As such they have engaged our services to advise on a future strategy for their business with the sailing community as well as 

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