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Mentoring Programmes

If you want to have the single most effective and efficient prep experience possible, you will be interested in our Springboard mentoring package. Here, we work with you to deliver a bespoke prep experience, tailored to you personal needs. This service is especially useful for those candidates transitioning from other industries where they are already working demanding schedules and are time-poor.

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When you sign up to our Springboard mentoring package, you will receive the following:

1. A Mentor

First, you will be assigned a Mentor. This is a highly experienced consultant, who has spent multiple years at your own target firm and who will assist you throughout your entire preparation.

Your mentor will assess you at the beginning of the programme to build a fully bespoke preparation roadmap, with actionable advice on how to tackle your personal weaknesses and ensure that you achieve your full potential before your interview.

Your will then be assigned appropriate coaches to practice interviews with and take stock of your performance and progress. Your mentor keeps an eagle-eye view on your progress and will provide regular detailed, actionable advice through calls and emails - effectively increasing your one-to-one time. We do not charge for these mentoring sessions; our mentoring programme goes beyond billing for time and materials and simply focuses on getting the best result for you.

2. The resources you need to shine

To get you up to speed on the theory and practice of case cracking, you will join the MCC Case Academy. We will also make all our other resources available for you to, covering all aspects of the consulting selection process, from writing your resume to passing tests and networking.

3. The coaching sessions you need

As noted, your mentor will arrange appropriate coaching sessions. Up to ten such sessions are included in the mentoring package - with this being more than ample for most candidates to excel.

These sessions will be with the most able and experienced coaches MyConsultingCoach has to offer, with at least two years of experience in either McKinsey, Bain or BCG and a minimum of 50 candidates coached. Sessions will last longer than a standard hour to allow for more fit questions and an in-depth, interactive feedback session. You can choose to broaden your experience by working with multiple coaches over the ten sessions. We will provide a calendar indicating coaches' availability so you can book slots at your convenience with whomever you want to work with.

4. Peace of mind

We know how stressful, frustrating and time consuming it is to prepare for a consulting interview: Googling resources, asking that forgotten friend who worked at McKinsey for advice, reading endless forum threads with conflicting information and trying to figure out who is correct. This usually results in an unstructured, inefficient preparation that absorbs a lot of time and resources without yielding great results.

This is where our Mentoring package really comes into its own - and is especially useful for time-poor professionals who want to make the transition to consulting, but don't have endless hours to waste.

After assessing you and creating a bespoke plan, our mentors will provide you with all the material you need to go through that plan. All this makes for an effective and efficient preparation. Besides your Mentor, you will also be personally assigned one of our Sales Associates who will be available to provide any assistance you may need to smooth the process as much as possible. You will only need to focus on getting ready for your interview - we take care of everything else!

Mentoring programs success rate

86% of our clients get an offer from one of their target firms

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Getting into the mentoring programme is highly competitive; we only work with the best candidates. Firstly, you will need to submit an application. We will then be in touch for a phone interview, after which we may extend you an offer.

What our customers say

MyConsultingCoach Springboard was really amazing. From the moment I signed up, the team took care of everything for me, from advice on how to network to refining my preparation for my second round interview. I thought it would be impossible for me to get into an MBB but I finally landed a job at Bain! Thanks MyConsultingCoach.


I was a bit hesitant to sign up for the Springboard program; I had already spent a lot for my MBA and I wasn’t working. I finally decided to give it a go: best investment of my life. Not only I was able to land an offer at McKinsey, but I also learnt skills that will be useful throughout my professional career. What I liked most about MyConsultingCoach is the focus on teaching business, rather than some frameworks to trick interviewers (which doesn’t happen).


Coming from a technical background, I had no business experience before signing up for the Booster program. I am glad I did, it saved me a very expensive MBA! I learnt all the business concepts and skills I needed for a consulting interview and I landed the job I wanted at Bain! I felt that all the coaches I worked with and my Mentor had a genuine interest in my preparation. Definitely a great program.


Beware lost opportunities...

You might still be determined to soldier on without help. However, you shouldn't let your own pride stop you from making objectively sensible decisions. Think like a consultant and take a detached look at what is best for your own future. Getting into a top consulting firm is an investment that pays off every subsequent year of your career.

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