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MCC Career Advancement Program

Targeted upskilling done the consulting way.

Looking to develop business skills but don't know where to start?
You need to use your time wisely.


The MCC Career Advancement is a tailored program that replicates the continuous upskilling consultants go through to become the most sought-after professionals in the world.

It focuses on developing business skills, battle-tested in the world of consulting and applicable to any field.

It will turn you into a highly sought-after professional.

Life-long career insurance


When it comes to upskilling, we don't believe in one-size-fits-all solutions. The training we provide is 100% tailored and relevant to you.

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The business world is constantly changing. We will make sure you are never obsolete and always improving.

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The Knowledge of
Industry Leaders

90% of people working in education have never worked in business. Our mentors are business professionals who provide up-to-date preparation.

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What we teach you

Every program is tailored to your individual needs, with just the right mixture of the skills and knowledge that consistently propel consultants to top positions:


Root Cause Analysis, Tree Structures, MECE-ness and Problem-Driven Analysis among others

Business Fundamentals

Strategy, Marketing, Finance and complex business analyses such as valuations and estimates.


Business and Mental Math, Reading Charts, Differential Analysis and the Replacement Concept


The Pyramid Principle, the Zero Defects approach, synthesizing, the Rule of Three and much more

Our process

Fill in a form that lets us understand a bit more about your goals - for example, whether you want to movev up in the company, change jobs, develop a certain skill or skillset etc.

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Your form is assessed by an educational consultant who puts together a preliminary Roadmap and assigns you to a Mentor

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The Mentor further assesses your current objectives and skills and develops a personalized Roadmap detailing the steps of your preparation

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You follow the Roadmap and receive actionable feedback via your Performance Radar, which will help you track your progress both in your cohort and against yourself.

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Your Mentor will supervise your preparation, connecting the dots between the Performance Radars and extracting the key takeaways from them. If necessary, they will adjust your Roadmap.

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Meet some of our mentors


Max Horsley

Project Leader, Boston Consulting Group
Financial and Business Analyst, Boeing

Previously a Project Leader at Boston Consulting Group, Max consulted across a broad array of industries including Technology, Financial Institutions, and Retail in topics spanning from Corporate Strategy to Pricing to Large-scale Transformations.

At Boeing, Max managed and maintained budgets for 20+ government contracts, designing financial models for revenue and cost projections, quantifying program risk, calculating revenue and expense drivers, and forecasting operating and profitability margins

Max holds an MBA from the Wharton School of Business and is currently based in Philadelphia.

Alberto Racca

CEO of Miroglio Group
Consultant, McKinsey & Company

Miroglio is a diversified Italian player in the Fashion Industry with $0.7Bn revenue and 900+ stores across Europe. Prior to becoming CEO, Alberto joined Miroglio Group SpA as strategy & transformation director a role in which he was responsible for strategic planning and portfolio management of subsidiaries.

At McKinsey he has had extensive experience of corporate transformation projects, having worked in the fields of Aerospace, Defense, Oil&Gas, Insurance and Retail.

He has also managed and executed investments at Pillarstone, a KKR platform which provides capital and operational expertise for distressed businesses.

He holds a degree in Managerial Economics from the London School of Economics and an MBA from the London Business school.


Alumni from leading companies

  • Exxon Mobil
  • MasterCard
  • Procter & Gamble
  • Goldman Sachs
  • Coca-Cola
  • Apple

Our cohort

As an MBA graduate I was surprised by the improved understanding of the business world that the consulting perspective gave me. But it was the way that consultants approach and solve problems that have drastically improved my performance at work!

George Marketing Executive

Having transitioned to a new role, I was just looking to get a better understanding of the business world but didn't have much time to spare. Alberto laid out the perfect path for me - I feel like I've acquired years of experience in just a few months!

Dan Senior Software Developer,
Product Owner

I was really only looking to understand how to run my business better since we had been expanding online and didn't have much experience of it. Joining the program was the best business decision I made. The course (along with Alberto) not only helped me understand which choices I needed to prioritize but also taught me how to build a bulet-proof issue management system. I would really recommend it to anyone starting a business!

Gillian CEO of fashion company

Tailored Mentoring

In traditional business courses, you are normally presented with a standard curriculum. You will certainly learn something but will you learn the things that are relevant to you?

In other words, you are just a face in the crowd to the course organizers. This is not the approach we are taking with our upskilling program. Certainly, you will have a foundation from which to start - in the form of our proprietary course material - but your path will be your own.

One of our educational consultants will evaluate you and will provide you with a Roadmap to your objectives. They will then pair you with a Mentor who will take personal charge of your preparation. The Mentor will put together a Bespoke Preparation Plan, follow your progress and coursecorrect as needed.

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Continuous Development

In today's business world, things are constantly changing. In the last decade alone, Data and Tech have had a revolutionary impact, making players - and professions - rise and fall.

This is why the MCC career upskilling program is not just a strategy course - we're not interested in you passing or failing an exam because in the real world 'exams' come at the most unexpected of times. We want to make sure that you are constantly adapting, evolving and staying relevant - just like consultants do.

This is why our program is a continuous learning experience. You and your Mentor will work towards goals that are dependant on the developments in your career and your field. Our subscription-based model means our Mentors will be there for you as long as you feel like you need them.

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The Knowledge of Industry Leaders

At MCC we believe in leading by example. Theoretical knowledge can be very useful but you wouldn't get surgery from someone who has memorized the procedure from a medical textbook!

When you join our program you will be learning directly from experts in the field of business - and unlike other platforms, the conversation won't be one-sided, with you staring at a screen and taking notes. You will always have the chance to discuss and review every learning and upskilling decision, making sure that you make the best use of your expert's knowledge and your time.

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