Coaching is for overachievers, not underperformers


I have a First class degree and two internships on my resume. I did it all myself. Why would I need coaching now?

The best vs. the top

You have always outsmarted everyone. But that is true of each and every other candidate you are in competition with.

A tier game

No consultancy is bad, but they are not all the same. You’ll work 15 hours a day, you know. But doing it in the top firm or in the 4th best is very different. And where you start your career will also influence what you will do 10, 20 and 30 years from now.  

It’s the first BRUSH stroke  that defines a masterpiece. Maximize your chances of starting with the right stroke.

Have you seen how much it’s going to cost? It’s too much for me...


Getting into consulting is not just about being smart. You have to master a technique, we know it very well. Let’s say that we increase your chance of entering a top consultancy by 5%. Think about the impact on your 30+ years career! You'll hardly find an investment with higher return. 

opportunity cost

What could you do with that money? Or better, is there any other investment with higher returns? Even if we improved your chances by just 1% the answer is clear: it would still be the best investment of your life. 

Getting into a top consultancy is an investment that pays off every year of your career. Make sure that nothing is off the checklist.